Shenlong Gorge Scenic Area, located in Nanping Town, Nanchuan District, southwestern Chongqing, is 27 kilometers away from Nanchuan, about 80 KM away from the main urban area of Chongqing, covering an area of 13 square kilometers. Located in the west of Jinfo Mountain, the mountains in the territory belong to the big Lou mountain. Shenlong Gorge is a primitive ecological Canyon extruded by hundreds of millions of crustal movements. The mountain is more than 1,300 meters above sea level. The highest peak of the mountain is Baoziling, which is 1,380 meters above sea level. It is the closest and most primitive ecological Canyon to the main urban area of Chongqing.
The topography of the Grand Canyon is like a giant dragon lying on a mountain stream, and there are legends about dragons everywhere in the canyon, so it is named the Dragon Gorge. The valley is about 4.2 km long from the entrance of Li Yin Valley to Feilong waterfall. The average width of the bottom of the valley is about 50 meters, the widest part is 90 meters, the narrowest part is only 10 meters, showing a typical "Y" shaped deep gorge shape. In the gorge, there are deep bamboo forests, waterfall waterfalls, cliffs, insects and birds singing. The vegetation on the banks of the valley is mostly shrubbery and bamboo forest, and the plants are abundant. The forest coverage rate is more than 90%, and there are 1700 species of plants. Shenlong gorge is fresh air with high negative oxygen ions. It is a natural oxygen bar. The average area of negative oxygen ions in the scenic area is about 80 thousand cubic meters per cubic meter.
Shenlong Gorge belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate, mild climate, abundant rainfall, pleasant climate, is a good place for leisure and summer. The dragon dragon Gorge Scenic Area is clear and beautiful, with peaks cascades and waterfalls. Throughout the year, the scenery is different: "spring flowers, summer water, autumn leaves, winter snow." In the scenic spot, there are many peaks, various shapes, lush forests and seas, gathering many waterfalls and streams, inhabiting a variety of rare birds and exotic animals. In the scenic area, the four seasons flow continuously, the waterfalls are rounding, the waterfall pools are continuous, the water quality is sweet, the water color is clear. Summer travel to cool canyons is undoubtedly a good choice for tourists. In hot summer, the annual average temperature in Nanchuan is about 26 degrees Celsius, Chongqing is about 28 degrees Celsius, while Shenlong Gorge is only about 13.7 degrees Celsius, the annual average rainfall of 1522 mm, mainly in summer. It is really a waterfall scene, plus the valley of the valley, which is enjoyable and lingering.