The dragon dragon gorge drifted from Qingyun gorge to Ranger post. The whole mountain valley looks beautiful, down the river, and looks down. There is a great difference between what one sees and hears on the water and what one walks on the road. The journey is guided by the spirit of nature. There are waterfalls falling from the sky, peaks gathering, pavilions and bridges looming and looming. Floating in the clouds and flowing water, people really integrate into the canyon landscape and become one of them. The Brooks wetted the skirts of clothes, which is the closeness of the spiritual landscape of the Dragon Gorge; the soul-stirring and dangerous drifting, which awakens our chivalrous feelings; the scenery flowing out of the two banks is the soul of the Dragon Gorge. The end of the station is set up with a special bathing and dressing room, so that we can easily recuperate after close to the landscape. Have a barbecue by the way, or simply live in a campsite tent and make a thorough approach to nature.